Monday, 19 January 2009


Ten of my favourite meta television shows....

Family Guy
Arrested Development
Simp sons
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose
Looney Tunes

With the forthcoming release of JCVD my thoughts turn to metatelevision shows I have loved and the memories they have left me. The success of pomo and meta techniques rely on accomplished scriptwriters and actors, which all these shows share with aplomb. Curiously David Duchovny is the most common recurring link between most of these shows. This may mean that Fox Mulder is the most important character in my pop cultural universe or that David Duchovny has a really good agent.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Red Wing 320

I don't know why I wasn't onto Red Wings sooner. This is my first pair and they have been the best winter shoes EVER. They took very little time to break in and feel really comfortable, plus I think they look fantastic. I can't envisage not owning a pair from now on. Combined with my love for coats they are making the winter months all that more tolerable.

Chez Incredibles

Watching The Incredibles today I was enthralled by the design of their house. Dr Michael Hill of Sydney's University of Technology has written an essay on the subject, in which he notes "... The design of the house combines a past/future look having a 1950s Modernist style architecture incorporating a simpler and less decorative approach to form with some 1960s concepts of the future in the design of the appliances and the large screen television and a robot toy, 1950s style, modern and abstract art and images and furniture, pastel colours. There is an emphasis on home wares, an area of domestic design that emerged around this time. You can almost smell the Tupperware. It is clean and sanitised. There is what looks like a Jacobsen chair in the living room and Charles Eames style twisted plywood chairs in the dining room."

Download the full article: heroes.pdf

Monday, 12 January 2009

Friday, 2 January 2009


These promo postcards came with a book I bought from Faber. They are a nice addition to the ones I picked up at Glastonbury last summer and continue the theme of a romatic vision of a pop cultural landscape of kitsch.