Tuesday, 27 May 2008


I have been after the BxH Pete for some time now, and finally managed to track one down. This was BxH’s second Disney figure after Mickey. I can honestly say I am no Disney fan at all, especially Mickey. Having said that I think that both the Julius and Pete sculpts are perfectly executed and both true to the spirit of BxH. Due to my total lack of any Disney knowledge I collected these two without knowing their “story”. What makes the BxH oeuvre have a particular resonance for me is that most, if not all, the figures have some meaning and relevance to Hikaru and Taka. Sometimes this is easily “read” sometimes it takes a bit of digging.

I was intrigued to discover a Disney Wiki that reveals Pete is Mickey’s nemesis, and appropriately for a mouse’s nemesis, he is a cat. I also found that he probably predates Mickey, having featured in a 1925 cartoon “Alice Solves the Puzzle”. Pete has appeared under many names, but Disney nerds have his true id pinned down as Percy P. Percival. This sculpt of Pete is from 1928’s Steamboat Willie.

I’m glad I found out a bit more about Pete, or I wouldn’t have realised that Julius is also Pete! Julius is Dr Frankenollie’s monster in the 1995 short, Runaway Brain.

Pete is made in China, and an official collaboration with Disney. He was released in 2001 and retailed for Y5800. He has a serial number stamped under his left foot. From the top of his hat to the ground he is about 10 inches. His head/neck and arms are articulated.