Monday, 21 July 2008


I left my old job (after 10 years) at the start of this year to run my own business. I was chuffed to receive a Wii as a leaving gift, but with the pressure of the new business, it hadn’t had much of a work out until the last month or so. So after many hours and much swearing I finally finished Super Mario Galaxy. This is without doubt the most inventive of the Mario outings, making both great use of the Wii controller and mind bending use of in game physics. But is it the best Mario game? I think that crown must remain with Super Mario 64. The most important in its significance remains Super Mario Bros as it defined 2D platform gaming. It still is the gold standard.

My fop 5 favourite Mario games, in no particular order...

*Donkey Kong (Game and Watch)
*Super Mario Bros. (NES)
*Mario Kart 65 (N64)
*Super Mario 64 (N64)
*Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)