Monday, 29 December 2008

Oi Polloi

It is a well accepted part of business that a dissatisfied customer will tell far more people about their dissatisfaction with a company than those who have received good service. In an effort to redress this balance I feel compelled to shout out to the world how wonderful the Manchester based store Oi Polloi are. I bought a lovely jacket via their website last week which arrived the next morning, packaged well with a hand written note of thanks and a cool badge. These might be little touches but they count; wow factors do exceed the customer's expectations and I will want to go back to them. Large retailers just can't connect with their customer like this. Its refreshing that store like this are out there, clearly thinking abut their customer, what their customer wants and providing it in not only a prompt fashion but with wit and flair, as evidenced by their website. Hands down the best men’s clothing store in the UK right now.