Sunday, 1 February 2009


I spent some time today sifting through the subcultural blog world of the TNSIL. There is an active online presence of dedicated followers of classic American clothing, most commonly referred to as preppy. Whilst some see this as a pejorative term, others embrace it. Other names for the style ar Ivy League , Trad (especially if describing the Japanese take on it) and for the otaku, TNSIL. This somewhat cumbersome acronym stands for “Traditional Natural Shoulder Ivy League” and was coined by a gentleman named Ken Pollock. Whatever the look, a common thread amongst men’s (and it is always men’s) subcultural uniforms is attention to detail. There is the product itself; the heritage behind the brand, the materials used, where it is made, the detailing both on the outside, and equally important, the inside. Then there is how the product is worn. In TNSIL the duct taped Bass Weejun perhaps epitomises this.

Sites worth checking: