Friday, 10 October 2008

James Jarvis with...

“We don't do collaborations very often. When we do we are either very well paid or we have very strong ties with our partners” Russell Waterman, Amos Toys blog

Bemused by this quip I decided to compile a list of the JJ/Amos collabs; I shall leave it to you to decide which were for the money.

plastic collab checklist...

Silas x BxH Martin
King Ken - Clutter Magazine colour way
Mini King Ken Strangeco Comicon colour way
Kubrick Martin and World of Pain (Medicom)
Bearbrick King Ken (Medicom)
Nokia Office Archetypes
Sony Time Capsule Juvenile Delinquents
Sillything Leon
Nike x Stussy Leon
Chapel of Dawn Wrestling Elves
King Kun - BxH