Monday, 2 June 2008

Anti Fashion?

“I’m not a fashion person. I’m anti-fashion. I don’t like to be part of that world. It’s too transient. I have never been influenced by it. I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style—not fashion.” Ralph Lauren

Cleaning up my study last week I started reading through some old Japanese magazines. Whilst Boon (RIP) will always have a fond place in my heart, other titles including Cool Trans and Asayan often proved an interesting read/look. Apart from picking up the odd issue now and then for the premiums they come with, I have stopped buying these magazines. Now that many of the companies who used to reveal their latest offerings in the magazines first have an online presence (via press releases or home pages) or release their own mooks, they have reduced appeal. That still doesn’t take away from several great years of otaku friendly product photo spreads.

I was struck especially by one in a 2001 issue of Asayan, featuring Supreme’s line-up. The line included their seminal Brothers, Supremes, Woody and Pryor Ts, but its the cut and sew that is the motivation of this posting. All killer and no filler. Fantastic short sleeve gingham shirts, a simple M65, supurb chest seam jacket and spot on crusher hats. The pinnacle of the collection being the yet unsurpassed 9th backpack. If this line was to be release tomorrow it would sell out without doubt. And therein lies a large part of Supreme’s popularity, longevity and the appeal to me; its timeless anti fashion. Like the man who has inspired many of their designs, and who they have paid homage to, its about style.