Saturday, 7 June 2008

Masks 02

The HK vinyl toy scene has seen better days. Tim Tsui and Michael Lau continue to represent the scene, but the pre SARS golden era has passed. An era which produced still unsurpassed classic ”urban” inspired figures. Without doubt, the standout piece from this era, for me, is Eric So’s collaboration with Phase 2.0 , Masks 2.

Kenneth Tang, owner of Phase 2.0 was instrumental in bringing both Lau and So into the toy world. Masks was Tang’s more high end clothing line for Phase 2.0. Thankfully, it also included toys. The first two figures, Masks 1 and 2 were designed by So and released around June 2001. Another three colourways were released for Japan, Taiwan and France. Masks 2 comes in red, white, black and grey.

Eric So states in Boon Toys Eric So mook that “this (Masks) was the figure that brought me to the other side of the word. My name was being introduced in (sic) US, Europe , Japan and Southeast Asia”.

Masks 2 measures almost 23 cm high. His arms articulate at the shoulder and his feet can swivel. Despite its considerable weight, the feet provide perfect balance, and toppling isn’t an issue. Gas masks came with Masks 1 and 2. An ashtray accompanied some of the colourways.

Phase 2.0 went onto release Masks 3 and 4 plus the Masks Crow Team. Masks 3 and 4 were done by Devil Robot and H8 Graphix and produced my Medicom in 2003. Masks Crow Team comprised 4 vinyl crows and a canon; of course...