Friday, 13 June 2008

Mr King

The Skull Kun has essentially become BxH’s platform figure, having now been released in a variety of guises. Whilst BxH has collaborated with the likes of Disney, Medicom, Takara and Lucasfilm,  Mr Skull seems to be for the more personal projects. The chosen few (so far) are Slick, Hiddy, Kaws and now James Jarvis. JJ’s collab is a “perfect fit” with the original BxH/Silas Martin having been released ten years ago.

King Kun stands at  about 17.5 cm  high, making him a bit taller than a standard Skull Kun. His legs, arms and hands articulate. The arms are slightly shorter and much thicker than a Skull Kun's. King Ken’s nails are punk black. The signature JJ potato head sculpt is clear and a stark contrast to the more angular Skull Kun head. The Frankenberry brain bumps give it the Skull Kun look. Unlike many BxH figures, the figure is made in China. There are no serial numbers on the feet, but copyright of Amos and BxH is imprinted alongside 2008. Like most BxH figures and the Amos Sillything/Stussy Leons, the figure comes in a bag without a header. What was odd is that mine came double bagged. The outer bag being slightly bigger and thicker, but looking just like the inner bag.